Friday, March 11, 2005

Popularity breeds insanity.

Eight hours into Spring Break and the next five days are already booked. Saturday through Wednesday, I'm actually popular. Apparently everyone misses me. It's funny how people will come and go in your life and when they come back, they pretend like nothing ever happened. Because that fixes the problem.[..] Whatever. I hope it doesn't rain on Sunday. I hate walking around on Belle Isle when it's rainy. Hopefully Erin and I can get down and dirty and really explore the place rather than hanging around on the rocks in the middle of the James River. Rock hopping doesn't hold that same excitement. Especially since it's been raining a lot lately and the rapids will probably be insane. Besides. Belle Isle has a lot of hidden shit that takes a while to find. Because we're retarded and lazy.
Patrick sent me a post card. I was the last person to read it. Unfortunately my parents brought it up. Thankfully not in a bad way. Every once in a while he's oddly romantic. But he inevitably follows it up with "Can we have ass sex?" and that throws the whole thing off. Boys are dumb. And he's not even a boy. He's a middle-aged man and he's still dumb.

Don't eat 7-11 hot dogs w/onions. Ouch.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Talking faster and faster...

So I decided to start this blog thing.
I'm not sure what it's really all about but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway and see what becomes of it.
Although, if you want the truth, I should be studying for my sociology exam on Friday - but I'm not. Studying is a skill that I lack. And that hasn't been doing me any good this semester. We have these notices that go out in all of the 101 classes that you have a D or F in by mid-semester so you are able to drop the class, if necessary. Early Academic Alerts. They go out next week. I should have one in almost every class. 4/5 at best. I lack the motivation to even care though. About my falling grades, I mean. Unfortunately I have a knack for doing drugs instead of homework. And talking to rockstars. The only thing I've done of any worth lately is I made a small website for my friend's band. And he's about to quit and start a new band so I assume that I'll have to build a whole new website all over again.
This must all sound very boring. Maybe I should go study.

A complete one-eighty:
I never thought I'd have the ability to care about someone. Anyone. Outside of my mom, dad, and niece. And all of a sudden, I do. And I worry that it's not mutual to the same degree. I believe that it's mutual because- a)what kind of busy rockstar would spend 24/7 paying attention to me? b)what kind of boy is eager to get married? and c)what kind of boy can say "I love you?"
It's actually frightening. He's the only person that's taken the time to get to know me, and in turn, broken down every wall I've built to seperate me from...well, you. That makes him special. The only thing is: society would frown upon a relationship such as ours.
He makes my stomach hurt, makes me stutter, makes me open up [to him] must be love.
If only he could make me study.